Original Compositions

Eminent Danger – Chase or fight scene for a movie or short film

Fun Slap GD – Funky groove with sampled EP

Murphys Vacation – Happy and light groove with a slight dissonance

Orchestra #1 – Strings, woodwind, brass and percussion composed with all VSTs

Happy Hop – Catchy, laid-back groove with tenor and alto flute

Commercial Compositions

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Father’s Day Raclette Cheese event for Second Chance Beer Co.

A “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” reharmonization for Second Chance Beer Co.

10-second social media ad for Maui Brewing Co. and Second Chance Beer Co. collaboration

Professional Recording Samples

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Tenor solo with The Jazz Katz recorded at Studio West in San Diego, CA

Potter’s Field – Original composition and improvisation for alto flute and jazz combo. Dark and mysterious

James – Pennywhistle melody and improvised solo with jazz combo

Bessie’s Blues – Tenor melody and improvised solo with jazz combo

Live Video


Click the above YouTube link — Pennywhistle solo with The Fenians


It’s You – Original (Lucas Stonehouse, composer and performer)

It’s You – Mixed and mastered version – Debuted on 91X, a local Indie Rock station in San Diego